14 avril 2006

Yixing Peau de poire

Et les seaux de l'atelier.

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Matteo from Milano a dit…

Hello Jean,
I hope you speak English :-) Je parle très peu francais, mais je le lis...
I have a question to ask you about this magnificent "peau de poire"... I imagine it must be very expensive, but I cannot get an idea on what the price could be for an object of this rarety...
Thanks for any indications and please feel free to answer in French.
Matteo from Italy

Jeancarmet a dit…

Hi Matteo,
As for an indication I have paid this teapot around 800€ a few years ago.
Ciao !

Matteo From Milan a dit…

Thanks Christophe for answering my question - and please forgive me if I got your name wrong!!!
Although I live in Milan, I travel to Paris often and I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that I am a "fan" of M3T!! I used to be interested mainly in Oolong and Green tea, until one day Maitre Tseng asked me if I ever had Puerh. I took 2 samples, a Vrac 1990 and a small carré 1979 (I still have some of this, which I find sublime). Initially I thought it very strange ... but now... I love it and practically only drink puerh. I have a small collection of puerhs and next month I will be in Paris once again. Maybe I'll invest some money and get myself a "terre épuissé": they are so beautiful!!!
Ciao thanks again!! Maybe some dat we will meet.

Jeancarmet a dit…

Hi Matteo,
I hope to meet you too when you will come in Paris. Let me know a few days before and maybe we could have a drink at the M3T !

Matteo a dit…

Hi Christophe,
It would be great to meet at M3T and have some tea together! I usually go there by myself and it would make the visit even more special. I believe I will be in Paris on the 3° weekend of July.
Do you have an email where I can write to you? I looked through your blog but didn't find one.
Keep in touch!!
PS I've counted my centimes ... and I think I am going to buy a "terre épuisée" on my next visit... Since you are already familiar with these kind of pots, maybe you can give me some guidance. Ciao

Jeancarmet a dit…

You may write me at christophe.debon at noos.fr
I would be glad to provide some help in choosing your teapot at the M3T, but if I have an advise to give you : call the M3T a few days before to tell that you want to purchase an old teapot in order to leave Maitre Tseng make a selection for you.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Matteo,

Hope you had a good travel to France and that you have been able to find the teapot you were dreaming of.
Thank you Christophe for such great photographs.